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GAMBLE would like to join WAR

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GAMBLE would like to join WAR Empty GAMBLE would like to join WAR

Post by GAMBLE on Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:43 pm

I have played to the sever for quite some time and enjoy playing with everyone on the server. I also enjoy the rules of the server and how everyone enforces it rather than letting it slide. My name is Ryan and I am a 26 male from Vegas, DOD is the only game I really play. My favorite weapon on DOD is the MG42 but my favorite real gun is an HK MP5SD and am a proud owner of one. Very Happy Oh, I have trouble logging into the forums, the only way I can log in is through the link that was e-mailed to me when I first registered showing the account was inactive until I clicked on the link.



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