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Post by skeeter on Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:26 am

Today at 1630 i was banned from the WAR server and to tell the truth im at a loss as to why. Since i dont have a mike everything I am about to tell us is in the logs, there is nothing im leaving out or making up. We were playing donner(my fav map) and i was doing fairly well.Twoards the end of the map a admin started teleporting himself behind me trying to rifle butt me(im sure this is in the logs as well) when i said something about it I was kicked. I was not rude or disresputful all i said was "ITs your server i guess its your rules" Did i think it was wrong.. yes. I think its abuse of admin powers. Did i say anything out of line?..def not. When i came back and said something about it being my first time ever to be kicked the admin said "it wont be the last" later in the map he shot me and said "eat that" i thought all was good. Later he naded me and i said "nice nade .. at least it wasnt teleported" i even put a smiley face behind it to show i was cool with everything. next thing i know im banned. I pride myself on always playing correctly. I always consider myself a guest on your server when im there and i try to act like a guest. Thats why i was suprised at the ban. Anyway..i was told to post my side so thats what im doing, if nothing else I want to take this chance to say thanks for the games and it was a blast. If any of you guys are ever bored pop over to the SOF server..we have a open scri,m on friday nites and you guys are always welcome there.



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