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commands for weapons mod

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commands for weapons mod Empty commands for weapons mod

Post by STINGER on Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:37 pm

The Weapons Mod allows you to type /, then the weapons name and receive the weapon as your primary! You can do this with any gun in the game, Now including the Scoped FG42 and Scoped Enfield!

The following is a list of instructions:

Step 1: Press your public chat key while in game
Step 2: Type / then weapons name, the following is a list of aliases to make this simple for binding one key to a gun.

alias GiveK98 "say /k98"
alias GiveK43 "say /k43"
alias GiveMP40 "say /mp40"
alias GiveSTG44 "say /stg44"
alias GiveFG42 "say /fg42"
alias GiveScopedFG42 "say /scopedfg42"
alias GiveScopedK98 "say /scopedk98"
alias GiveMG34 "say /mg34"
alias GiveMG42 "say /mg42"
alias GivePanzerschreck "say /panzerschreck"

alias GiveGarand "say /garand"
alias GiveCarbine "say /carbine"
alias GiveThompson "say /thompson"
alias GiveGreaseGun "say /greasegun"
alias GiveBAR "say /bar"
alias GiveSpringfield "say /springfield"
alias Give30Cal "say /30cal"
alias GiveBazooka "say /bazooka"

alias GiveEnfield "say /enfield"
alias GiveSten "say /sten"
alias GiveBren "say /bren"
alias GiveScopedEnfield "say /scopedenfield"
alias GivePiat "say /piat"


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